Compliance Forms

In compliance with CMS, OIG, HHS and State requirements, Coherent provides the information on this page and the associated links to ensure all Business Partners, Associates, Vendors and Contracted Providers have been provided the necessary information, education and notices regarding:

Compliance Area Requires Form Response
Coherent Compliance Program No View >>
Coherent General Standards of Conduct Yes View >>
CMS Compliance and FWA Education Annual Requirement Yes View >>
Reporting of Compliance Issues and related Policies and Procedures No View >>
Conflict of Interest Annual requirement (at minimum) Yes View >>

Please click on each link above to see the policy and the associated form to be completed where applicable.

Coherent Eye Care conducts business with integrity and in compliance with Federal, State and Local laws and the regulatory authorities that establish and oversee delivery of Medicare Member Benefits.

To report potential issues, please use one of the methods offered below:

We appreciate your cooperation in compliance efforts for our Medicare patients.