Strategic Partners


Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems (IRIS)

IRIS is a Pensacola, FL-based company founded in 2011 by nationally recognized retina surgeon Dr. Sunil Gupta, with a vision to end preventable blindness through the development and deployment of retinal screening services in the primary care setting. The company’s IRIS solution is an FDA-cleared, cloud-based service that has improved quality, expanded access and reduced costs for diabetic retinopathy exams across the U.S. A team of physicians, technicians and practice management experts at IRIS seek to partner with forward-thinking providers and payers to enhance quality patient outcomes and the overall healthcare system.

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OMS focuses on best practices to implement medical eye care into your practice.  We utilize administrative support, technology, and management systems to implement change in your practice. Our solutions are built around three categories: 

Consulting, Insurance, and Compliance services.  By partnering with your practice we help you get paid for the care you provide.  We implement clinical and administrative workflow processes that increase revenue and profit for the practice.

Benefits of OMS:

  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced cost
  • Practice growth without increased staff
  • Enhanced Compliance
  • Proper patient care creating medical income growth
  • Doctor advocate to the medical insurance companies
  • Protect against staff turnover, vacations, and transitions

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PYA Analytics

PYA Analytics is an advanced analytics company that specializes in large-scale data architecture and development of analytical solutions for commercial and government organizations. PYA Analytics strives to offer solutions that enable our clients to utilize their own enterprise data, as well as other available data sets, to support research and education, improve profit margins, reduce costs, expand market reach and mitigate risk. PYA Analytics takes a client-centric approach to all projects we perform. PYA Analytics works directly with client subject matter experts to understand data issues, infrastructure architectures, available data, and technological needs. Our team develops a strategy to achieve client goals through offering cutting-edge, cost-conscious, recommendations that answers data challenges through more efficient and effective use of data from internal and external sources.

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